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Ship for me

What is ship for me service ?

This service gives the advantage to our clients to shop through local shopping platforms as if they are in Turkey at the cheapest local prices  

Where we receive and collect products and goods. then ship them directly to the customer through international shipping companies

Why Turkish Provider and what is the benefits of this service ??

Real and free shipping address with Turkish phone number to provide a complete and successful shopping process

    ? How does the process go

    Method A

    1- The customer creates his own account on our website and gets his own shipping address.

      2- The customer completes the purchase and payment process on the required Turkish local shopping platform.

      3- Turkish Provider receives and ships the purchases to the customer after collecting the value of the international shipping.

      Method B

      1- The customer selects the products that suit him and sends the links of it to us

      (Below each link are desirable details such as size - color - weight - etc.)

      2- Transfer the value of purchases to our bank account

      (With an addition of 9 USD bank commission )


      Carry out the secure payment process through credit card on our website

      (5% taxes, wages, and commissions for credit companies and banks are added)

      3- Our team purchases the required products as a free service.

      4- Turkish Provider receives and ships the purchases to the customer after collecting the value of the international shipping.

      Free private locker 


        Free storage for 30 days 

         10 Saudi riyals monthly storage fees for each one kg, starting from the date of the last shipment received

        Free repacking

        to reduce the actual weight and volumetric and reduce the cost of international shipping

        In addition to calculating shipments, starting from 50 grams

        Shop by yourself without an intermediary and without commission at Turkish local prices

        Website interface that supports multiple languages, including Arabic

          Language when buying from Turkish websites:

           Turkish websites do not provide multiple languages in the shopping platforms

          But still as a solution we can use :

          For Android google chrome 


          For iPhone google chrome 

          And it will do a very convenient and comfortable translation for you.

          Excellent customer service

          With technical support around the clock

          Integrated support for Arabic language customers

          Multiple shipping methods

          including government and private shipping

          Transparency and fixed prices

          without any additions to the published prices

          no surprises

          Real and high resolution images

          for free for all purchases

          Integrated services for individuals and shipping weights starting from 1 kg

          Integrated services for companies

          and traders with promotional rates

          Immediate execution of all shipping orders 24/7

          Daily shipping

          except on Saturday and Sunday

          Best price guarantee for best quality

            Provide reliable personal shopper on request

            All weights all sizes

            Preparing all the papers needed for export

            Commercial mediation with companies and factories