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By creating an account on our website or mobile app (Iphone - Android) you will gain your Turkish address with its collecting locker for free 

For Laptop:

For mobile:

All you need to do is using TIDY24 service, our team will add your Turkish address on the website you want and it's a free service .

we provide tutorials about buying from Turkish websites below

Shopping from Trendyol:

Note: You can verify adding your Turkish address in trendyol.com for free through BUY FOR ME service due to OTP code by sms

Shopping from Zara:

It's up tp the weight and the volumetric weight of your items . after that it may vary up to the destination country and the shipping method you chose. from this link you can reach the shipping prices you won't be asked to pay more than the prices appears in the Shipping pricess.

how to calculate the volumetric weight !?

Length X width X hight / 5000 = !!! Kg


Box with 60 cm length - 40 cm width - 30 cm hight

60 X 40 X 30 /5000 = 14.4 Kg

Yes, you can use your Turkish address and collecting box provided by us to ship to any address in Turkey and around the world after paying our fees ( Photography, provided services and used materials ) in addition to local cargo fees.

to do that you have to choose the country which is Turkey then the city Aramex shop and ship instead of istanbul after that carry on with your provided address by them example (Aramex shop and ship ).

of course you need just to use TIDY24 service and our team will buy the wanted items for you if you have enough credit in your account equals the items's value and it's a free service .

Yes, whenever you received an item to your Turkish address we send an email informing you about it, to see your received items and their details you can open My Locker.

usually it takes from 30 minutes to 24 hours to process your recieved shipments (check for false and damaged items  - Weight measurments - Taking photos of the items- uploading to the system and to the account )

After receiving your purchases to your locker you need to add them to shipping box then do the checkout steps like entering address, shipping method and do the payment.

it depends on the shipping method you chose :

DHL : 1 - 3 days 

PTT : 10 - 30 days

Note: we are nor responsible for damaged, late or lost shipment through PTT (governmental post)

You can pay through  : 

1- Banking transfer

2- Credit card